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The Best Years of Your Life Are Now

Your career or business is finally flourishing.  Your kids are grown up and living their own lives.  Finally, you have the time to do more of the things you love.  There has never been a better reason to keep your body healthy and enjoy the best years of your life. 

You may feel you are losing as step as you move into this new stage.  But don't let he affects of age hold you back.  Here are three tips to stay active and maximize your energy.

Eat Well

Whether grilling out on a Sunday afternoon or relaxing with a beer and a brat at the ballgame, it can get a little to easy to indulge in all those fatty, high caloric foods.   

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Keep Exercising 

You may feel that playing a round of golf counts.  But does all that cart time and those light beers you drank really count as exercise?

Be Mindful